Monday, March 28, 2011

GOP more interested in owning your uterus than dealing with the economy, wars

With the stunning news that more than three hundred abortion bills are sliming their way through state legislatures this year, it may be enough to make one wonder: "what's really driving the GOP's abortion war?" Pardon us pesky feminists and our mistrust, but wethinks that this is more than just a genuine concern for the health of womyn.

I think Liss @ Shakesville says it best with this:
"Three hundred and fifty one pieces of legislation designed to subvert the autonomy and agency of more than half the population, and our "pro-choice" and "feminist" Democratic president cannot be arsed to give a national address protesting this legislative assault on a guaranteed right."
What the fuck kind of legacy is this, Obama? According to the Salon article linked above:
"There isn’t just one explanation. The assault on reproductive rights is intensifying now because of a convergence of several otherwise unrelated events that have created the perfect moment for the anti-choice movement to go for the kill."
The little gains they've made over the past decades have prepped them for this moment, it seems. Of course, "little gains" is a relative term. The 2007 Partial Birth Abortion Act, for example, was a piece of non-legislation that did nothing more than make it more difficult for womyn with dead fetuses inside of them to have them removed (at the potential cost of their health and lives, not to mention their own autonomy) and stir up the patriarchal sadists on the right who are so misinformed as to believe that womyn with control over their own uteri were aborting three-year-olds right and left, feministy and altogether icky gleams of self-determination in their stupid, stupid eyes.

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