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"that's no way to get allies"

this is awesome


Just not in Kansas.

Their infringements upon our rights to bodily autonomy should be scaring the bejeezus out of you, because all of their scare tactics, lies, intimidation, and $$$ are working. Now even the mere three facilities available in the state, including a Planned Parenthood, have lost their licenses under draconian new laws. We will fight it, but at what level of success? Can anyone honestly tell me they want the rights of their own personal uterus in the hands of some fucking men?

I'm gonna need to get drunk at some point in the near future.
/constructive, Fembot!

But here's the thing: this is why I get so fucking pissed when liberals argue with me that Obama and the Democratic party are doing their best, that I should continue voting for and supporting them. So fucking what if we have a constitutional amendment protecting my right to my own fucking uterus? All this TRAP and anti-womyn bullshit will render it useless to me and other uterus-people all over our fucking country. 

Although it's really fucking unfortunate that it would take something like this to mobilize womyn, trans-dudes, and other people directly affected by body-snatching legislation - because access to abortion and reproductive health services in general has always been more difficult for people of color, poor people, LGBTQI people, and similarly marginalized populations - I sincerely hope that this is enough to get us, all of us, off our collective asses. Donate to Planned Parenthood; call your rep; vote, chant, march, yell, scream, riot.

This is not only a war on womyn, but a war on non-white people, the lower classes, disabled people, queer people, trans people, rape survivors, and everyone else whose subjugation is desired by the patriarchy.

Solidarity to citizens of Kansas. Here's hoping something positive comes out of this.

Sorry to whinge about Bachmann so much, but...

How does this follow at all? You had a tragic miscarriage so now you believe that other people with uteri can't decide to have abortions if they want or need one? Your choice to have a child was taken away from you because something went wrong biologically so now you think if something else goes wrong for someone else biologically they shouldn't get the medical care they need to survive?

Fuck you very much, Bachmann.

why yes, mr handsome transman from okcupid, i would like to have sex with you

:) :) :)

/i am a dork

Debt in Greece and California

[NB: I don't know shit about dick when it comes to economics. If this is googly in any way, please email corrections or thoughts or explanations. I'm just trying to stay on top of the issues and understand what the fuck is going on.]

When I learned about austerity measures in some political science class, I was taught that they were a normal and usually effective method of paying off national debt and regaining economic balance. What we weren't taught, or were, but I didn't catch on (a distinct possibility. I am pretty sure the only time I talked in that class was to harangue a graduate student for saying womyn are "allowed" to participate in government because they are naturally less violent and corrupt than men), is that they are the result of "[p]rivate wealth interests...dictating policy to a sovereign nation, which is expressly and directly against its national interest."

s.e. smith from Tiger Beatdown [linked above] reminds us that global economic turmoil can and will have its effects on us here in the USA and California, in particular.  We may have passed a budget, but it's a tough motherfucker, and one that won't have a positive impact in the long term. Smith writes,
"As long as GOP representatives in California refuse to raise taxes, California is going to have fiscal problems, and those problems are going to get worse, because the state will go deeper and deeper into debt, and will spend even more money servicing debt in an attempt to dig itself out of the hole it has created."
 I piss and moan a lot about what the budget cuts are doing to public education in this state, but of course college students aren't the only ones on the losing end.
"...[T]he state is sucking away millions of mental health funds, a rather remarkable accomplishment when you consider how little the state dedicates to mental health funding as it is. Since the Reagan Administration, California has dedicated little, if any, effort to mental health services and the results can be on the streets across the state, where the homeless population soars and many of those individuals are mentally ill. Mentally ill veterans in particular are an alarming percentage of the homeless census."
That Greek citizens are fighting back on such a large scale is just a sign of how desperate they must feel. And I wonder how far away Californians/Americans are from responding like they are?

The president is our king so you can't call him a 'dick' on air

To be honest, I think calling anyone a dick at any time is hilarious.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I really oughta do some kinda recap of TRUE BLOOD SEASON FOUR EPISODE ONE

oh sweet jesus yes that's the good stuff
Since that ground has been so well trod, though, I'll just tell you what I thought about stuff. It's why you're here, anyway. SPOILERS, OBVIOUSLY:
  • Tara becoming MMA lesbian Toni: I'm glad to see she's putting that butchness of hers to some use for our team, although I was irritated that she and her gf are obviously not in the same weight-class and yet are still in the octagon together. Whatever. Anyway, I know I'm supposed to want what's best for Tara, and maybe that means her leaving town and getting a new, literally ass-kicking identity (plus: is kinky fucking in the mix for her? Perhaps as a way of dealing with her past sexual trauma?) but she's still just a character in a TV show and so I wish she would go back to Bon Temps. Topless gf can come along if she wants, but it's just not the same without Tara.
  • All of the changes in facial hair and grooming to signify the passage of time: A year is by no means nothing, but it's not like it's a long time, either. And yet Jason got a goatee, Jesus shaved his; Lafayette grew a rockin mohawk; Tara straightened hair or got rid of the weave (?); Sam's got some gray around his temples and I'm pretty sure they lightened Sookie's blonde during her sabbatical in fairyland. Did anybody stay, at least stylistically, the same? Bill's 'do just looks better - a friend thinks it's because they got rid of those goofy Dutch-boy bangs - but now that I think of it, I think Eric's is the only big character whose hair stayed the same. And I'm just fine with that.
  • Bill's rise in politics, both human and vampire: I've never liked Bill but I like having his character around as an obstacle for Sookie and Eric's impossibly hot sexual tension. He's also a foil for every other character because he sucks and is boring, and possibly even more irritating than Sookie (whose obnoxiousness is mitigated, or perhaps sweetened, by the camp factor of her every grimace, nasally imitation of a southern accent, and "ironic" exclamation on the silliness of fairies). The fact that he's become, or has been outed as, some kind of evil political mastermind who's now king of Louisiana (btw, since when do vampires follow human definitions of geography?), robs from the viewer - moi - his function as stumbling block, sad sack, and scapegoat of my enflamed, rapturous loins.
  • Jessica has sexual ants in the pants: I care a lot about Jessica and Hoyt because for all intents and purposes their sexual relationship is almost as sexy as the ones involving Sookie and the various dudes who can't get enough of her because she's fairy vampire catnip magic. Theirs is compellingly complicated for a variety of reasons: she's a new vampire, he's a beefcakey but podunk mortal; she was way under-aged when still a human, and he's almost thirty; they both have control issues stemming from overbearing (to say the least), religious, vampire-hating parents; and Jessica is a goddamn hunter who can't quite be happy with cooking dinner for someone that she would normally eat herself. I smell feminist criticism, with a side of exploration into polyamorous relationships!
  •  I'm really fucking shallow: I adore this show for a few simple reasons, which are the fucking, the intrigue, and Lafayette. People complain a lot about Tara not getting a break, which is very true, but I worry a lot about Lafayette's mental health considering all he's been through. I'd rather see him getting involved in a new romance than, idk, cowering in terror from PTSD. I suppose putting in things like "plot" and stuff are meant to make True Blood a fuller and mo betta show, but honestly it just serves to increase my anticipation for all of the sex scenes - real, dreamed, imagined, and glammered - that may or may not happen between Eric and Sookie, Sookie and Alcide, Sam and Bill, Sam and whoever, Lafayette and Jesus, Jason and whoever, Jessica and Hoyt, Jessica and that hot fangbanger from Fangtasia, Tara and Eggs, and Tara and MMA gf. The rest of it is just killing time.

Bachmann wants to eliminate the minimum wage

Remember what happened to workers before we had the minimum wage laws Bachmann's campaigning on cutting?

Even higher tuition at UC, CSU

wtf uc

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bachmann is not a fucking feminist, okay?

If one more person in the MSM does that whole song and dance about "Is Bachmann a feminist?" I'm going to spew all over my desk and my pants and my own hands and then run the vom through my hair and make druid spikes with it and then dance on a grave because seriously?

For a while there, I felt really really REALLY uncomfortable saying another self-identified feminist wasn't a feminist because I didn't agree with hir views or ways of creating/perpetuating a feminist dialogue. But I've been readin' me a lot of bell hooks lately, and her analyses of Naomi Wolf, Camille Paglia, and other "feminists" has made me rethink that position; that is, there is a difference between challenging the feminist discourse/narrative, as well as other feminists (as hooks says we must do if we really and truly want a healthy feminist discourse/narrative), and calling out bullshit when it's right in front of you smelling like fundamentalist crap.
"But some religion and politics experts say that she exemplifies an evangelical feminism that is producing more female leaders in Christian nonprofits, businesses, and education and politics, even as more traditional gender roles prevail in evangelical homes and churches."
It is not a feminist act to evangelize for your patriarchal faith; even if said evangelism puts you in a position of power over some men, it is still not feminist. And if "traditional gender roles" are "prevailing" in your home and church because you are conforming to a culture upon which the inferiority of womyn is not only a tenet but a cornerstone, then no, you are not a fucking feminist.

The very reason why Bachmann (and Palin, and Schlafly) can be public figures vociferating against the rights of womyn, queers, and POC, is because activists before them paved the road they're shitting on [please notice all of my shit metaphors].
"Though evangelical women have long been involved in political activism, including helping to lead the temperance movement and campaigning for and against women's right to vote, seeking the White House is a more recent and dramatic step."
People like Bachmann are being thrown at us by the GOP and other conservative political institutions because they're in vogue, because they're effective in today's climate of acceptance of "feminism," although this is anything but acceptance of a progressive agenda; it's political expediency. What better way to get voters with cunts to buy into your anti-womyn agenda than have a supposedly "feminist" salesperson? What better way to bolster your gender-essentialist political policy than by making sure all your cunty candidates are sold as "feminist?"

bell hooks defined this trend almost literal decades ago, but everyone keeps buying into the fake question they've succeeded in swirling around Bachmann's candidacy. She is not a feminist. Repeat after me: feminism does not hate womyn, queers, POCs, the differently-abled, and anyone else the conservative movement targets.

UPDATE: From an open forum on IBTP:

how astute

children aren't people

My dad and Clarence Thomas should really get together over (non be-pubed) beers and discuss how much they love the idea of owning, rather than raising, nurturing, guarding, and teaching, their children.

Monday, June 27, 2011

woe is me [my life is a misery]

Mondaymondaymonday. I hate Mondays but that's not unique so I'll qualify that with why I hate Mondays and here it is: I despise Mondays because that's when everything bad happens to me.

the accuracy of this made me cry even harder. i saw julie and julie and julia or whatever it was called and it sucked.
There's still time to post a picture of Garfield being pissed about this particular day of the week, but he annoys me because he doesn't actually have problems. Unlike me. I am chock-full of them, and they're all very fascinating.

Since they're personal in nature, of course I'll shit all over my keyboard so the Internet People can read all about them and approve of the fact that I think my life is so interesting that other people need to be exposed to it.

Problem #1: Getting a date. As much as I like to round up the three people nearest to me and scream "SEX IN THE CITAYYYY" as loud as I can to force feelings of white, sexy, camaraderie, I've actually been feeling lonely lately. You know how it is, being at the top, and all. Sure, random people (IRL!) approach me and thank me for my contributions to bloggistry, as well as my promotion of all things giffy and spooty, but that's not intimacy, you know. I've heard that loving yourself is one remedy to waxing melancholic about the single life, but I think Carrie loved herself just fine and listen to how much she griped about it.

Problem #2: I was a big fan of Mario Puzo's Godfather series when I was in my early teens. They're hella good pulpy "fiction" books, and provide some interesting insight (whether or not it's true, I have no idea) into the lives of early-twentieth-century mafiosos. At the very least, it helped me to understand the film versions better, and if there's one thing Don Corleone and his buds believe in, it's fucking famiglia. To quote another famous Italian, "We do for family." This is a pretty cool philosophy to live by, I think, except when your family doesn't return the favor. There are some shitheads I share blood lineage with who suck, is basically what I'm trying to say.

Problem #3: I don't have HBO, and there is so much talking about the new season of True Blood swirling around online that I'm scared to click anything and risk seeing spoilers. This is arguably my biggest problem.

Because of these, I can tell that I'm at the start of a pretty big downer.

Pray for me. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

They're trying to build a prison (for you and me to live in)

Is System of a Down a lil goofy? Sure. But they're right.

i heart shin chan

to be a man you must have honor and a peeeeeeenis

Mad Men at Banana Republic?!?!

Showgirls forever

A nonissue. But aren't we all?

Little Miu

Oh Jesus god is this the worst thing that's ever happened or the best?

i came

Reproductive choice means you, not your "progressive" dad, get to choose

I think it's excellent that a doctor is attempting to open an abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas, the first since the assassination of Dr. Tiller. That doesn't mean that her anecdote about her father's viewpoint on abortion isn't antithetical to the very idea of reproductive choice:
"Dr. Mila Means was raised in a family that considered abortion an accepted, reasonable idea. Her schoolteacher parents, social activists in the 1960s, instilled that attitude early in her life.
"I was in the ninth grade when my father told me if I were pregnant before I was 18, I would have an abortion," Means said."
Abortion is an acceptable, reasonable idea. Telling your kid that have to have an abortion if they don't want one isn't acceptable or reasonable.

That aside, let's hope Brownback doesn't take a big old shit on this one.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thinking I may take a break from this blogging thing for a week or so

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with some personal things that haven't actually made it into one of my many whiny posts, and there are also some (most likely easily solved) technical difficulties kind of getting me down. And although of course ceasing to blog my every hackneyed thought won't mean I'll stop being plugged into the 24/7 news cycle, it will be sort of a relief to not have to actually read, digest, and prattle on about every fucking depressing thing (remember Atkins v. Virgina?) that comes up because my pretend friends on the Internet might read it.

for a while, anyway.


Is it wrong that when I hear about Greece's upcoming vote of confidence that the first thing I think of is this?

Also: Tiger Beatdown on this same situation, with a lot more background info

Monday, June 20, 2011

Vogue, et al trying aren't actually against pro-ana/mia culture [TW for ED stuff]

This is kind of old, and you know how I feel about linking to Jezebel, but I would just like to say: it would be way more helpful to womyn and girls faced with the many pressures to become eating disordered to stop, oh, I dunno, constantly encouraging eating disorder behavior (!) rather than try to ban websites created and moderated by people actually suffering from these debilitating mental illnesses. 
"Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani says she initially blamed Facebook for furthering the pro-anorexia movement, but then she did some "research" and found pro-anorexia websites and blogs (many of which, I would wager, use Vogue images as motivation).
In defense of what Sozzani knew I and countless other people would argue, Sozzani said:
"Fashion has been always blamed as one of the culprits of anorexia, and our commitment is the proof that fashion is ready to get on the frontline and struggle against the disorder.""
So throwing money at efforts to hamper the free speech of mentally ill persons is going to save other at-risk people from becoming mentally ill, while you still make billions by parading around your emaciated, underaged, exploited (mostly white) models wearing clothes only accessible to the super rich? 

Don't get me wrong - I'm sort of (HERPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP) attuned to the fashion world, interested (against my better judgment) in who's wearing what and who the fuck designed it. I don't, however, forget for one second that the fashion industry devotes a great deal of time and money developing ways to create and then exploit my insecurities for its own profit. [Yeah, I'm a hypocite. Bite me. IBTP]

So my advice on the best way that Vogue and other fuckoffhuge fashion entities can fight eating disorders? Since going out of business is out of the que$tion, I'd suggest that targeting people other than their own victims may not actually be completely pointless. I mean, I'm no supporter of pro-ana/mia websites and communities, but as a former enthusiast, as it were, I understand why they exist: to support the people so entrenched in their eating disorder, so consumed by the disease, that the only place they can find support and love is among diseased enablers.

I suppose I'd ask a person like Sozzani or Donatella Versace or Carine Roitfeld if someone they loved had an ED and they could go back in time and change one thing in hopes of preventing it, if they would actually choose to eliminate those websites. Would they? Would you? I don't know which of the many things I would change first if the FSM gave me guardianship of a young Fembot in hopes of preventing her awesome vacay on Bulimia Island  (TM) (not raising me in a bullshit capitalist patriarchy? Not force feeding me the beauty-industrial complex's platitudes of physical "perfection" via extreme skinniness? Not encouraging me to join a sport with a high incidence of eating disorders knowing my genetic/family background? Not exposing me to all the kinds of cool abusive situations in which I was reduced down to my pitiable body size and shape? Not raising me as a girl at all?), but pro-ana/mia online collectives? Those would be near the bottom of my list.

Gender essentialism FTW

From the Dilbert guy.

Fuck arbitration

I can do MS Paint, yo


The Links: Walmart beat us, guize

  • Walmart: Billions Womyn: 0
  • I hate it when Romney puts me in the kind of position where I'm grateful to him for not being quite as anti-womyn as the rest of them. Although maybe he's just grasping for moderate GOP straws.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sometimes, I'm insecure about my queerness

One of my own insecurities about queerness is the worry that being attracted to womyn means having to give up all of the things I love about what we conceive of as masculinity. That is, because I was raised, as most of us are, to believe that vagina=femininity and penis=masculinity, having relationships with womyn would mean not getting to enjoy all of that handsome stuff that we, or at least I, attribute to the murky, slippery concept of the masculine. 

It's taken a little bit for me to realize that womyn, of course, can be just as masculine as men are "supposed" to be, that womyn-identified people can be masculine, that men-identified people can be feminine, and that people who don't really want to pick either can be both of those things, too. In the last couple of months, I've also come to very much appreciate transdudes. Until recently, probably for indefensible reasons of fear and transphobia (of which I'm not proud, and which probably says a lot about my own issues), I took it for granted that I would never be confronted with the possibility of having romantic relationships with them.


Googling around on some FTM tumblrs, like ya do, I was momentarily panicked by the above image because I find the post-T version of this guy more attractive than the pre-T one. It's taken a lot of time to recognize and reject certain insecurities, ones that cause me to be threatened by the fact that certain physical hormonal expressions may influence my boner (pronounced "boehner") to a higher degree than others. Just as this stranger in the picture above is an individual different from all others, so am I; and that being straight, gay, and even queer, are constraints that have no control over who I am and who I'm attracted to.

I will not be afraid of finding masculine ladies attractive, or freak out when I happen to find the occasional femme lady to be hot; neither will I obsess over categorizing people based on the junk of who they fuck - because while these things aren't negligible on a macro cultural scale, I can take steps to remove the power this type of thinking has over me and my life. There is a difference between accepting the gender identity of any given person, and letting my knowledge of their identity define my perception of them.

It's something with which I struggle, but I am so gratified to be doing so. If I had never decided to take my head out of my own ass and attempt to learn about the experiences of transgendered folks, from friends, acquaintances, and awesome internet stuff, then I would never have been exposed to such a beautiful variety of people [NSFW]. And I wonder at what I would be missing if I was still limiting myself to cis-men.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Why are we tolerating this?

The fact that there exists serious debate on whether or not powerful and important white dudes - politicians and artists alike - should be punished for raping womyn in the French national dialogue is ridiculous; the fact that in that same country, it is illegal for a womyn to choose to cover her face while in public for personal reasons, hammers home the point that, yes, womyn indeed face significant oppression at the hands of white, capitalist, dude political institutions.

it is okay that i rape, because i am in charge of a very important polito-financial institution.
Of course, this injustice is not limited to France. To illustrate a point, however, let's talk for a minute about Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the veil ban in France. There is a lot to unpack.

That the alleged rape survivor in the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case is a poor womyn of color and that the targets of (increasing) legislative efforts against religious facial-coverings are also poor womyn of color ought not be lost on anyone who considers themselves capable of critical thinking. This correlation is no coincidence.

Why would you take the word of an immigrant womyn of color who works as a maid over that of the head of the IMF, goes the current narrative? Even if he did assault her, doesn't his political position render him above punishment on the account of some lady, his supporters imply?  It is not such a stretch, then, if you're going to operate based on this kind of "logic," that misogynists would argue that prohibiting veils is for the protection of Muslim womyn, for their own good. As if the facade of benevolent paternalism, lie that it is, is somehow better than the real motivations behind the illegalization of the veil, which are racism, classim, and xenophobia.

because who the fuck is really being oppressed here? and since when is it up to men to decide for us?
The assault of a single womyn by a man who has up until this point felt entitled to whatever member of the sex-class to whom he takes a fancy, and the institutional erasure of the right of womyn to wear whatever the fuck they wish are symptomatic, of course, of our deeply racist and misogynist culture. When white dudes in American and Europe demonize all Muslim (implicit: Arab) men because only brown people in foreign countries oppress womyn, they show their hand in the very act of covering their tracks.

Why are we tolerating this?

Rapists rape; our rape culture facilitates. More at eleven.

""If you're a parent or student looking at those numbers, it suggests rapists can commit their crimes with impunity," she said."
Gee, those rapists sure feel certain that they'll get away with raping people. I wonder why?
Looking through this list of little girls who grew up into "gorgeous women," it's sort of disturbing to note that almost every little girl listed here is portrayed in womanhood posing in her undies or showing her boobies or doing something similarly (patriarchy-approved, of course) sexy. Looking through this list, the only actor whose adult image isn't obviously calculated, subtly or otherwise, to be "sexy" is the one belonging to Jodie Foster.

bollocks generator

Been feeling tetchy lately because I'm in the process of writing my artist's statement for my graduate school applications. Hopefully, my second time around (applied two years ago, too) will be more fruitful.

wallis simpson, divorcee

Thursday, June 16, 2011

"if she had murdered the tie, it would have been a perfect crime"

barbara kruger

but that don't mean i can't get you there

This is a cool resource

Want to know how to calculate the living wage for your county? Check out this motherfucker. And if the results depress you, come back here for some cute shit.

Our government's MO is to protect rapists

Three rapists are being released because bitches need to stop being so uppity.  According to the judge who ruled that these guys are legit, it is "manifestly unreasonable" that the slut didn't ask for it. Let's look at his reasoning:
"The Superior Court ruling written by the three-judge panel pointed out that "other than her contention that she initially said no to Lewis' [a defendant’s] attempt to kiss her, during an hour of sexual activity," she did not cry for help or try to escape. The ruling also pointed out that she had invited the men into her dorm room to spend the night and that her "physical injuries were minor." The District Attorney’s office argued that she was held down by the three men and was unable to talk or move during the sexual assault."
Because crying out and trying to escape are always reasonable, even if three men are raping you and thereby implicitly threatening your safety.

Because when you invite people over, it is not reasonable to expect not to be raped by them.

Because if you are injured during an assault of any kind, it is reasonable to assess the seriousness of the crime, or the potential danger the assailants may pose to other members of society, by the extent of physical injury that doesn't include, you know, rape.

And they insist that it is the responsibility of rape survivors to report the people who raped them? Fucking really?

Corporations are special

Those protesters need to understand that corporations are special. So special they get the same rights as people do. I guess they're like minorities in that they are a protected group, except actual, persecuted minorities don't really get any kind of real protections.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rich Juzwiak on Wifey, a cuntalicious summer read

I can't remember how old I was when I read Judy Blume's Wifey - sometime in early high school, I think, when I knicked it from my mom's bed stand - but it was a guilty pleasure I remember distinctly. Guilty because, of course, to read and enjoy a novel about a hypochondriac lady who cheats on her husband and in which descriptions of sexuality are shockingly graphic (especially coming from the lady who wrote Superfudge) rendered me a Sinner unworthy of the love of Baby Jesus.

and making baby jesus cry is basically child abuse
Up until that point, I'd always been a Starring Sally J. Friedman as Herself kinda girl, but the latent human being in me appreciated Wifey's overt sexuality in ways both rewarding and enlightening. White fundamentalist Christians appreciate a lot of things, like "freedom" and being unambiguous about mistrusting brown people, but they really aren't huge fans of encouraging the exploration of sexuality in their female children. Which is why I'm so glad I stumbled across the book in the first place, because who knows? If I hadn't read it, maybe I'd still be singing "I Stand In Awe of You" to a pretend god in a bunker somewhere [NB: Probably not, though].

Even if it hadn't played a part in the my teen sexual development, I probably would still have loved Wifey for the trashiness of its characters and the neuroticism of the protagonist, Sandy. Put a gun to my head and I'd stick this book in the "suburban surrealism" genre, made all the more surreal by the fact that I could relate without just about nobody in it: I grew up a sorta poor Christian girl with divorced parents, whereas Sandy is Jewish, middle-aged, and middle/upper-middle class, with a doctor husband and a vacation home, not to mention membership at a swankass country club. I guess she and I both had in common our sexual repression, but Sandy had at least had sex, and knew, to some extent, that she desired it (or desired to have it with someone other than her husband, who keeps a calendar of his bowel movements), whereas I didn't even learn how to masturbate until I was seventeen.

Rich writes that the effect the book will have on the contemporary reader will probably be far less evocative than it once would have.
"This book is a product of a time when women talking about and being proactive in their search for sexual satisfaction could still be shocking. I know that things aren't perfect now, but girl talk about sex is now a channel in the cable box of our pop culture. That is to say that this book is largely divorced from the context that made it happen/shocking (/important?), and so taking sentences even further out of context only seems right."
Which is why perhaps the reason why Wifey had such an impact on me was that it was absorbed during the echo chamber of my teen years. The hyper-religious time capsule of my rearing, instigated by my parents and then eventually self-imposed by a teen girl in desperate need of control over, among other things, the scary hints of lesbianic feelings that started right around the time I saw Christina Aguilera in this, made Wifey as titillating and thought-provoking for me as it may well have been for an adult reader from 1977.

But don't let my testament to its sexual irrelevance stop the sexually jaded from reading it. If you don't understand why you should read a book with a sentence like "That's why I douche with vinegar...cunt make it more know, like browned chicken," then maybe you should re-evaluate your cultural priorities. And your sense of humor. Seriously.

Closing thought: this book also uses the word "cunt" enough that I actually began to enjoy it a little bit, rather than just feeling blind terror when it was uttered, like a Weasley when Harry says "Voldemort."

Capitalist politicians one and the same

What do Barack Obama and Newt Gingrich have in common?

They're for sale.

The Links: Because "poverty is feminized in this country"

  • Not to mentioned racialized, of course. 
  • Feminism's huge problem with ableism is particularly heinous because a lot of us just don't give a shit. As if feminists and allies who are disabled are not worth the rights and respect we want for ourselves. Disability includes, by the way, mental illness as well as physical illness/disability; and neurological "differences" as well as mental illness.
  •  The most dangerous place for Latin@s is in the womb. Not, like, Arizona, or the vicinity of a cop. It was only a matter of time before the anti-choice fucks picked a different minority group to use as their excuse for womyn-hatred. It wasn't right, or accurate, when they did it with Black people, and it's not right with any other ethnic/racial group. Ten bucks they start targeting poor people next.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Again with the lesbian thing, Kreayshawn

Feministmusicgeek is my newest bloggist obsession/ PJ Harvey

It's unfortunate that even a talented womyn such as Charlotte Gainsbourg is still nothing more than a "thinking man's pin-up," despite her work as an actor and musician. Feministmusicgeek is, as usual, on top of her analytical game.

I love discovering new (to me) feminist bloggers with great big archives of mostly overlooked work. I can go back and read their posts at my leisure, feeling both exultant and envious of their scholasticism as well as their hipsterish mastery of pop occultism. Her review of PJ Harvey's "Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea," a favorite of mine, and probably her most highly acclaimed album, has been a nice distraction from my regular workaday participation in The Establishment (entailing, of course, marriage to The Man).

This album is so fucking groovy, if you'll forgive me for saying so - aggressive, homicidal, even, and full of a gritty roar's interplay with her signature throaty story-telling. As Feministmusicgeek writes, the intensity of PJ Harvey as an artist is not only thrilling but scary as hell, and I often wonder at her ability to sing almost constantly about (unrequited, suicidal, tragic, abortive, lacrimal, depressive) love without being pegged as hysterical, a harridan, a bimbo, or waved off as too lyrically theatrical to be "artistic". Kate Bush, now that I think about it, possesses that same kind of talent; few lady musicians, suspended as they are in an industry and an art form that gives far more credit to men, do.

EDITED to include this link to a post about my secret husband, Katastrophe

A photo shoot in which Scarlett Johansson's tits aren't the main focus [via W Magazine]

Unfortunately, this is considered somewhat edgy.

the buster keaton homage makes me happy, tho

so take a letter, maria

Monday, June 13, 2011

Fembot has never been able to finish a VS Naipaul novel, for what it's worth

Not only should evaluating one's own literary importance be looked down upon as gauche and disingenuous, but reporters should really refrain asking such pointedly sexist questions as, "Are there any lady writers who are better than you?"

If the guy didn't already disappoint with his work, his personality would definitely do the job.
"He felt that women writers were "quite different". He said: "I read a piece of writing and within a paragraph or two I know whether it is by a woman or not. I think [it is] unequal to me."
The author, who was born in Trinidad, said this was because of women's "sentimentality, the narrow view of the world". "And inevitably for a woman, she is not a complete master of a house, so that comes over in her writing too," he said."
English gentleman that he is, though, he doesn't mean these statements in "any unkind way." My fluffy female mind (an abstraction such as my mind has a vagina, you see), sentimental as it is, must not recognize a compliment when confronted with one.

What it REALLY takes to get an abortion

A great illustration showing just how endangered your reproductive rights really are.


Ah, yes, the old "God's doing this for a reason" chestnut

The reason being, to bring us back to the Biblical "principles" like being sensible capitalists.

I'll just leave this here.

The Dalai Lama is a Marxist, apparently: the "consumption" of spirituality


"Midway through the conversation, His Holiness, much to their surprise, told them “as far as socio-political beliefs are concerned, I consider myself a Marxist.” “But not a Leninist,” he clarified."

Take that, Hyde, you asshole

Because Hyde and his ilk made exceptions for rape and incest in the original Hyde Amendment, his ideological descendents are now kind of stuck in their attempts to blow up our rights to abortion altogether. Because the anti-womyn right doesn't want to allow womyn who have been raped by men access to abortions.
"In a strange twist of fate, the Hyde Amendment -- whose purpose was to deny federal funding for abortions -- has become a stumbling block in efforts to stop abortions altogether, said Keith Mason, founder and president of the anti-abortion group Personhood USA.

"A compromise in legislation that was part of the pro-life movement is the very hurdle that we have to overcome," he told Reuters."
Luckily, these pigs know how to follow money. For the moment, at least, the threat of losing billions in federal funding will stay them from banning womyn from choosing to abort fetii from their own personal uterus altogether.
"This week lawmakers in Louisiana's state House effectively killed a bill that would have banned abortion outright. The author of that failed bill said lawmakers were put off by a state fiscal analysis that showed that $4.5 billion in federal funds could be at risk if the state criminalizes rape- and incest-related abortion, putting state law out of compliance with Hyde."

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Everybody makes mistakes/ Everybody has those days

I was going to write a whiny post about screwing up friendships with sexual activity, but then remembered that I shouldn't be so hard on myself because nobody's perfect, you know? And I'm a product of my environment, so obviously I need not be held responsible for my behavior, even if it includes being slutty and fabulous with people with whom I should probably be friendzoning myself, but that whole sexual liberation thing can be a big problem if you're a person with a lot of attractive friends. It's a curse, I tell ya.

And now, some cool links:


John Cho

Wendy O. Williams 

Valie Export

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Syd Blakovich: So hot. So NSFW.

Performance artist porn-actor MMA aficionado? What is this, my birthday?

how is this legal
Zie does a lot of work with Jiz Lee, too. Bonus points. And, of course, highly recommended by yours truly. I mean, fucking adorable.

i enjoy the blond look. and the blood.

Cocks natural and synthetic welcome.

I'm also diggin hir hair. It reminds me of mine at the moment, actually. Way sexier, of course, but there are similarities.

Appreciating genderqueers would take up all my time if I didn't have stuff to do, but being responsible all the time is unreasonable. I mean, dat ass.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Daily Mail Roundup: Friday Friday something something Friday

"take me backstage"

Waking up from a brutal beating with Nicolas Cage beside you is THE ultimate smelling salt/midlife crisis.

The sleeves sort of ruin this Jenny Packham gown.

Womyn's athletics isn't interesting unless the athletes are patriarchy-approved sexy.

This just in: L'Wren Scott is tall, Carrie Bradshaw is short.

seriously hideous


And I'll be / Two steps on the water.

the hounds of love are hunting me
i've always been a coward
and i don't know what's good for me.


My adoration of Ms. Bush is boundless, and I love that everyone else feels the same.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

i wish

Weiner's weiner is not the same thing is the GOP platform

I feel bad for those people who aren't feminists and forced to live with us in our world of griping harridanery, our cunty double-speak, and general, hysterical hypocrisy. How can they deal with it, the knowledge that we have all this power over them and their petty lives? It must be that those people are just built Ford tough, ya know?

One of these people is some dude named James Taranto, who's fed up with all of the feminists sticking up for Anthony Weiner and his Tweeted phallus. Just as womyn are often regarded as a monolith - the "myth of woman," as Wittig might say - Taranto regards all feminists as an entire group of people entirely in agreement with one another. One thing we're all in agreement on is raining on Mr. Taranto's parade, and he cherrypicks quotations to prove it.
""You know, I look kind of stupid," Salon's Joan Walsh said last night on MSNBC's "The Ed Show," owning up to her mistake last week in defending Anthony Weiner the Turgid Tweeter. She then proceeded to defend him again: "This is private business," Walsh said. "You can't accuse him of hypocrisy, he's not a family values moralizer. You can't accuse him yet of breaking the law."
So wait, the only people you can accuse of hypocrisy are "family values moralizers"? That would seem to be the prevailing view on the feminist left."
[BTW, there is no "feminist right." You cannot be a feminist if you don't believe in reproductive choice, for example; contradiction in terms, etc. If I have to explain it, maybe you should go somewhere else]

I can't say that I support supporters of Weiner because he's obviously a megalomaniacal creep (jury's still out on whether or not he's a sexual harasser), but I do think there's a difference between a progressive politician getting caught with his dick [sort of] out and a "family values" conservative responsible for homophobic legislation getting caught hopping planes with a rent boy. Weiner has completely lost my trust and respect, but I still appreciate the fact that before he blew it he wasn't drafting legislation trying to outlaw my sexuality and/or my cuntal regions.
"One suspects this is merely an attempt to rationalize away the bad behavior of their political allies while reserving the right to condemn similar misbehavior in their foes. Hey, Walsh and Marcotte are only human. But what a rationalization it is! What they are claiming is that their side has no moral standards, and therefore there is no basis on which they may be held to account."
The difference between the moral standards of the "feminist left" and those of the right are that, in general, Weiner's exercising of these moral standards has no legislative impact on my civil rights. If indeed Weiner's weinerplay was adulterous but consensual hotness between legal adults, calling it hypocrisy because Weiner was against sexist public statues or for protecting children from internet rapists is disingenuous and, well, stupid.

Taranto's piece is mostly confused derp, to conclude, but I do agree with one of his closing "thoughts":
"But the details of his online shenanigans suggest that he harbored secret desires for female admiration and deference--that he was a closet male chauvinist."
That sounds right on the money. But it takes one to know one, right?

"Does being an independent woman kill your sex life?"

Take it from me: hell to the no.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In retrospect...

more like mental chillness
Taking stock of the bad decisions you've made in the past is critical to not repeating them. I'd hate to be reductive of mental illnesses in general by calling my eating disorder a "mistake," although in a very general sense it sure feels like one, but by maintaining a healthy mindset while in recovery, the shrinks tell me I can help prevent the possibility of a relapse.

bingeing and purging? that's not classy.
The physical results of bulimia are, of course, are the most obvious: the shortening of my lifespan, the deterioration of the teeth and immune system, the triggering of a latent auto-immune disease. That stuff tends to stick out during a physical. But having ruined my body, more or less, by the age of twenty-three, I have an excellent reason to continue refraining from "eating disorder behavior" as much as I can.

I can keep reminding myself, but of course it's not easy to live with people who keep food in the refrigerator. Or with people who don't adhere to rigid diet plans. There's also the anxieties associated with shopping for food, ordering food, eating in public, clothes-shopping, and, on bad days, leaving the house in general. When you start thinking about how scary those activities can be, lil old heart failure doesn't sound so bad.

But that's how anxiety works, right? It can make something as mundane as how many times a day you wash your hands become the most important thing you ever do in your entire life. It makes emotional sense why you would make something so trivial so enormous - nowhere to go but up, right? - but it's hell on your social life. Your hands, too.

true story bro